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Stuttgart, GER

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Cliff House stands for honest and authentic Pop/Rock with influences of Singer/Songwriter and elements of folk. Since 2014, the four young men from Schorndorf (Germany) are touring through the area of Stuttgart, exclusively with their own-written songs. The lyrics include typical daydream-stories, the never ending trouble with women or the classic „what if“-question. Clap your hands, get into a move or pull out your lighters and enjoy an authentic and special atmosphere.

  • (...) They combine jaunty Indie-Folk with contemporary pop music and intimate Singer/Songwriter aesthetics and combine that into little masterpieces

    Zeitungsverlag Waiblingen

    Jun 2017

  • With Nick's expressive rock voice, perfect harmony vocals and catchy folk rock songs they quickly had the audience on their side

    Zeitungsverlag Waiblingen

    Apr 2018

  • […]- a very sympathetic, immediately appealing sound. Skilful, a bit edgy ans roughened. [Cliff House] are woth listening to!


    Feb 21, 2017


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